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Kapalua Plantation Estates | Recent Deals Closing Fast

As part of my commitment to keeping the community informed about West Maui‘s, micro-market real estate environment, I’m bringing you an up-to-date, comprehensive property market summary of Plantation Estates, Kapalua’s premiere, world-class luxury, residential golf and resort community. What You’ll Find  
  • Actual Sales Prices: learn exactly how much specific properties sold for
  • Sales Volume: see the strength of the market in terms of how many properties sold
  • Days on Market: understand how long it takes the average property to sell
  • List Price vs. Sold Price: see how the final sales price compares to the listing price
  • Price Per Square Foot: which is critical in calculating real estate values
  • Asset % Growth: what is the yr over year appreciation if my property
  • Current Inventory: what is actively for sale and currently under contract
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Kapalua Plantation Estates | Fall 2020 Market Headlines

  • To give perspective, only 1 residential property has sold thus far in 2020 and 2 are currently under contract.
  • 2 land lots have sold
  • However, in a neighborhood that averages 4-5 property sales in a 12 month period, this year’s storyline is not in the prices or in the number of sales at KPE.
  • The storyline is the speed in which this year’s offerings have gone off the market.
  • Historically speaking, the statistics say that never before have 2 residential properties at KPE sold with less than 100 days on market in a calendar year (from listing to closing day).
  • Well, history is about to change as KPE is about to have three and arguable four homes close with less than 50 days of time spent on the market. And to add to the script, the two land lots that sold this year both closed with ONLY 53 days on the market (again, from listing to closing day).
  • To explain the arguably comment above. The third property 229 Plantation Estates has actually been on the market for many years, but the sellers took it off the market and then came back with a $700K (15%) price reduction. The same property but a completely different price offering.
  • Currently, 8 homes are listed on the market for sale as are
  • 4 land lots

Plantation Estates: Historical Sales Summary (click on the images/links for interactive)

Year Avg List Price Avg Sales Price Price/ Sq Ft Yr Growth % % list versus sale DOM # Sold
2020 $4,250,000 $3,850,000 $1,036 -5% 91% 40 1
2019 $4,791,667 $4,040,000 $795 29% 84% 306 3
2018 $3,595,000 $3,131,100 $695 8% 87% 235 3
2017 $3,097,500 $2,887,500 $610 -43% 93% 78 2
2016 $5,542,500 $5,067,500 $848 20% 91% 216 4
2015 $5,163,000 $4,223,333 $806 28% 82% 366 3

Kapalua Plantation Estates Comparative Market Analysis

Want to Know More?

If you are in the market for buying or selling Kapalua real estate or have any questions about the area or the market in general, please feel free to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to give you information on my previous sales performance and marketing strategies. Or if you’re curious about what your property is worth in today’s market, it would be my pleasure to provide you with property information and a value assessment free of any sales pitch.

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